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Get an inspirational e-commerce store with the ideal multi vendor solution Smartstorez.

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Multi Vendor Ecommerce Solutions
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About smartstorez

Be it a prolific e commerce software for stores like Amazon or Alibaba, an online auction site like ebay or an aspiring restaurant application, smartstorez has it all! We engineer our products to coincide with the needs of your business.

Amidst the manifold multi vendor shopping cart software, Smartstorez manifests as one of the best-selling marketplace software in the ecommerce market. Rendering a b2b marketplace solution with a premium multi vendor shopping cart software, Smartstorez performs functions intended specifically for vendors to manage and sell their products in a common storefront.

Multi Vendor Platform bg
Multi Vendor Platform

A secured multi vendor Ecommerce platform for multi-merchandising to undertake multiple type of selling process through a single platform.

Group Deals / Auctions bg
Group Deals / Auctions

A power packed multi vendor ecommerce software for multi-merchandising platform supporting Products, Group Deals & Auction under one roof.

Mobile Responsive bg
Mobile Responsive

Mobile optimized marketplace script. We understand that sales increases with b2b marketplace solution for users increases with hand-held devices.

One Vendor - Multiple Stores bg
One Vendor - Multiple Stores

One Vendor of the multi vendor ecommerce software avails multiple stores which display multiple products, multiple group deals & multiple Auctions.

Presenting Smartstorez

Simplicity, Affordability & Uniqueness are the base upon which Smartstorez is developed. Starting up with Smartstorez is as simple as ABC. Our Experts will guide through the whole process that your multi vendor shopping cart software will be up and running effortlessly.

  • Free installation

    Fail-proof software with free installation and no upfront cost

  • Full package

    A full -featured solution with front-end and back-end servers and mobile apps in Platinum version

  • One time payment

    One time fee with no burden of monthly installment payment

  • 100% Source code

    Available with 100% access to source code to customize the site as preferred

  • Custom designs

    Supportive front-end and back-end features to optimize the site for customer responsiveness

Setup Store
Marketing & SEO
  • SEO optimized

    Built-in SEO features that are professionally designed to improve your business and increase website traffic

  • Customize meta title, description and keywords

    Optimize meta description and keywords for a particular page/product to enhance customer loyalty

  • Social sharing

    Social media sharing for increased engagement allowing customers to easily share their feedback with their social networks

  • Autoshare products on Facebook

    Added support to auto share products on Facebook page

  • Mobile applications

    iPhone / android - Compatible with both iOS and android devices to reach a wider audience

  • Admin panel / vendor panels

    A powerful master admin panel and several vendor panels to control the entire process and ensure proper functioning of the site

  • Set currency symbol

    Options for vendors and end users to set their preferred currency symbol

  • Manage vendors / customers

    Provision to effortlessly manage vendors and customer list with options to modify the status information

  • Manage deals / products

    All details on the products, deals and auctions managed by admin with options to modify the information

  • Conduct online auction

    A secured platform to conduct online auctions in addition to the hosting of deals and products and live updates

Manage Store / Vendors
Create Marketplace
  • Dynamic banner

    Impressive banners for your website which can be managed easily from the back end settings panel

  • Multi-level categories

    Multi-level categories with the best custom options to segregate products under different categories

  • Categorised search

    Categorised search option for end users to easily find the products they are looking for

  • Advanced filters

    Advanced filters including selection of price range, brand, colors, sizes and the like to help customers get accurate search results amidst a wide range of products

  • Ads

    Custom options to manage ads on the website at nominal cost to increase conversion rate

  • Facebook Page

    Option to integrate Facebook page on the website to receive 'likes' from the visitors and promote the site to a wider audience

  • Twitter Page

    Admin with access to integrate Twitter page to market the the website to more people with users sharing their tweets on the products/deals/auctions

  • LinkedIn Page

    Provision to incorporate the Linkedin product page, company page and others easily from the back end panel

  • Youtube

    Facility to upload videos on the products, product launch, company events, seminars, conferences, ads, customer feedbacks and so on to Youtube

  • RSS Feed

    Subscribing to a website RSS removes the need for the end user to manually check the website for new products, deals and auctions

Social Engagement
Receive Payments
  • Manage Payment Accounts

    Back-end admin settings to manage and maintain all transaction details including the date, order number and user name

  • Manage Shipping Percentage

    Admin to set the shipping strategies including shipping charges before the payment being made by the user for the purchased item

  • Manage Currency

    Developed with in built feature to set the currency and currency symbol to take the business to a global level

  • Mange Auction Extend & Alert Days

    Admin provided with the login credentials to extend auctions and set the auction end alerts

  • Manage Fund Request

    Facility extended to admin to set the minimum and maximum fund request amount with the option for admin and vendors to view all details on fund requests